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Division of Social Welfare

Course Code Course Title Credits
WELF201 Introduction to Social Welfare 3-3-0
WELF202 Human Behavior and the Social Environment 3-3-0
WELF204 Volunteerism 3-2-2
WELF205 Mental Health Problems 3-3-0
WELF212 History of Social Welfare 3-3-0
WELF213 Social Service for the Handicapped 3-3-0
WELF246 School Social Work 3-3-0
WELF281 Community Welfare 3-3-0
WELF282 Social Work Practice Theories 3-3-0
WELF284 Skills and Techniques for Social Work Practice 3-2-2
WELF285 Child Welfare 3-3-0
WELF286 Social Problems 3-3-0
WELF305 Understanding Social Welfare Fields 3-3-0
WELF313 Social Welfare Administration 3-3-0
WELF323 Social Service for the Elderly 3-3-0
WELF334 Social Security 3-3-0
WELF346 Social Welfare Policy 3-3-0
WELF348 Youth Welfare 3-3-0
WELF366 Data Analysis for Social Welfare 3-2-2
WELF381 Correctional Social Welfare 3-3-0
WELF382 Social Work with Families 3-3-0
WELF383 Research Methods for Social Welfare 3-2-2
WELF422 Program Development and Evaluation 3-3-0
WELF435 Social Welfare and Law 3-3-0
WELF446 Social Work in Mental Health 3-3-0
WELF482 Social Services for Women 3-3-0

Major of Micro Social Welfare

Course Code Course Title Credits
WELF287 Ethics and Philosophy in Social Welfare 3-3-0
WELF301 Social Work with Groups 3-3-0
WELF302 Social work and counseling 3-3-0
WELF303 Social Welfare Care Work 3-3-0
WELF304 Crisis Intervention 3-3-0
WELF306 Social Welfare and Cultural Diversity 3-3-0
WELF441 Theory of Social Welfare Case Management 3-3-0
WELF457 Social Work in Health Care 3-3-0
WELF481 Social Work Supervision 3-3-0
WELF484 Social Work PracticumⅠ 3-2-2
WELF485 Social Work PracticumⅡ 3-2-2

Major of Macro Social Work

Course Code Course Title Credits
WELF242 Welfare State 3-3-0
WELF287 Ethics and Philosophy in Social Welfare 3-3-0
WELF307 NGO, NPO and Social Welfare 3-3-0
WELF308 Social Service Delivery System 3-3-0
WELF309 Social Welfare Management 3-3-0
WELF310 Theories of Poverty 3-3-0
WELF311 Macro Theories in Social Welfare 3-3-0
WELF484 Social Work PracticumⅠ

WELF487 Social Work and Information Management 3-3-0
WELF488 Economics for Social Welfare 3-3-0
WELF489 Korean Social Welfare 3-3-0