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Major of Social Welfare Policy & Administration

Course Code Course Title Credits
WELF000 Dissertation and Research Ethics : Social Welfare 3-3-0
WELF713 Social Policy and Social Institution 3-3-0
WELF717 Study on History of Social Welfare 3-3-0
WELF725 Study on Social Problems 3-3-0
WELF728 Study on Social Welfare Administration 3-3-0
WELF732 Study on Social Security 3-3-0
WELF733 Study on Social Welfare Policy 3-3-0
WELF736 Study on Research Methods for Social Welfare 3-2-2
WELF737 Study on Social Welfare and Law 3-3-0
WELF740 Study on Social Services for Women 3-3-0
WELF741 Study on Social Work Practicum 3-0-6
WELF743 Study on Youth Welfare 3-3-0
WELF745 Study on Data Analysis for Social Welfare 3-2-2
WELF752 Study on Korean Social Welfare 3-3-0
WELF759 Understanding of Social Welfare : Social Justice & Social Policy 3-3-0
WELF760 Seminar in Social Welfare Management 3-3-0
WELF761 Seminar on Social Service Delivery System 3-3-0
WELF762 Scientific Research and Statistical Methods 3-3-0
WELF763 Study on Policy for the Elderly 3-3-0
WELF764 The Study on Social Service Policy 3-3-0
WELF765 The Issue of Modern Social Welfare Organization 3-3-0
WELF859 Measurement of Social Work Outcome 3-3-0
WELF860 Social Welfare and Economy 3-3-0
WELF861 Welfare and Social Economy 3-3-0
WELF862 Social Policy Instruments 3-3-0
WELF863 Studies on Welfare Policy & Adult Guardianship 3-3-0
WELF864 Studies on Social Welfare & Homeless 3-3-0
WELF865 Understanding Structural Equation Modeling 3-3-0
WELF866 Meta-Analysis 3-3-0
WELF867 Human Rights & Social Welfare 3-3-0
WELF868 Readings of Social Welfare Classics 3-3-0
WELF869 Studies on Public Assistance 3-3-0
WELF870 Studies on Social Welfare Law & Right 3-3-0
WELF871 Studies on Welfare States & Basic Income 3-3-0
WELF872 Theory and Practice of the Welfare State 3-3-0
WELF948 Organization Theories for Social Welfare 3-3-0
WELF959 Poverty and Income Redistribution 3-3-0
WELF968 Realities and Issues of Korean Social Welfare 3-3-0
WELF970 Comparative Social Policy 3-3-0
WELF971 Social Welfare Planning and Administration 3-3-0
WELF972 Social Welfare Policy Analysis and Evaluation 3-3-0
WELF973 Evidence-based Practice 3-3-0
WELF974 Understanding and Application of Regression 3-3-0
WELF980 Advanced Study on Social Welfare Research 3-3-0

Major of Social Work Practice

Course Code Course Title Credits
WELF000 Dissertation and Research Ethics : Social Welfare 3-3-0
WELF712 Study on Human Behavior and the Social Environment 3-3-0
WELF721 Study on Community Welfare 3-3-0
WELF722 Study on Social Work Practice Theories 3-3-0
WELF723 Study on Skills and Techniques for Social Work Practice 3-3-0
WELF730 Study on Social Service for the Elderly 3-3-0
WELF735 Study on Social Work with Families 3-3-0
WELF741 Study on Social Work Practicum 3-0-6
WELF742 Study on Social Work in Mental Health 3-3-0
WELF744 Study on School Social Work 3-3-0
WELF747 Marital and Divorce Therapy 3-3-0
WELF750 Program Evaluation 3-3-0
WELF751 International Social Work 3-3-0
WELF753 Social Welfare Basic Statistics 3-3-0
WELF754 Social Welfare Qualitative Research Methods 3-3-0
WELF755 Social Welfare Intermediate Statistics 3-3-0
WELF756 Seminar in Social Welfare and Cultural Diversity 3-3-0
WELF757 Social Work and Health 3-3-0
WELF758 Study on Social Welfare and Care work 3-3-0
WELF851 Social Welfare Advanced Statistics 3-3-0
WELF852 Scientific Inquiry and Social Work Practice 3-3-0
WELF853 Human Behavior & Social Work Practice 3-3-0
WELF854 Group Counseling and Social Work Practice 3-3-0
WELF855 Seminar in Social Work Practice and Community Resource Development 3-3-0
WELF856 Social Welfare Basic Statistics 3-3-0
WELF857 Advanced Course for Qualitative Research Methods 3-3-0
WELF858 Seminar in Dissertation Writing 3-3-0
WELF914 Seminar in Ethics and Philosophy in Social Welfare 3-3-0
WELF919 Couple and Family therapy 3-3-0
WELF932 Theory Development in Social Work Practice 3-3-0
WELF952 Gender and Reality of Social Welfare 3-3-0
WELF961 Seminar in Teaching Social Welfare 3-3-0
WELF965 Methods and Skills for Social Work Counseling 3-3-0
WELF966 Case Management 3-3-0
WELF977 Supervision and Social Welfare Education 3-3-0
WELF978 Substance Dependance and Social Work Practice 3-3-0